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How to Automate E-commerce Customer Support – 4 Ways

For any e-commerce organization, having swift customer support is crucial. However, a strict dependency on manual customer service can rarely deliver real-time support due to the time it takes. This is the main reason why e-commerce support requires automation. Even with all of the pre-defined FAQs present on an e-commerce site (where any customer canContinue reading “How to Automate E-commerce Customer Support – 4 Ways”

Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

As of August 2017, 77.3% of all online retail orders — e.g., shopping carts — were abandoned instead of purchased. That’s according to cumulative data gathered by independent research firm Statista. And it’s a nearly 10% increase from that same firm’s January 2017 data.  The pain of online shopping cart abandonment affects both small and large businessContinue reading “Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment”

Customer Retention Benefits in E-commerce

You want to bring new customers to your eCommerce store. That’s obvious. And quite a bit of your efforts probably go toward that goal, whether you’re focusing on advertising, adding lead magnets to grow your email list, or even standing out on the street handing out free samples. And you should keep up the flow of new customers;Continue reading “Customer Retention Benefits in E-commerce”

Benefits of Customer Segmentation in e-Commerce

In e-commerce, customer segmentation refers to the use of customer data to divide customers into groups that share the same behavior and characteristics such as gender, taste or shopping patterns, interests, and more. Segmenting customer base helps in better understanding the customers and thus personalizing marketing and communication for each segment. This is very beneficial because peopleContinue reading “Benefits of Customer Segmentation in e-Commerce”