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Best WordPress SMS Marketing Plugins 2021

According to the research, mobile SMS have “98% Open Rate” as compared to email marketing which has only 22% open rate.

So, why don’t you also adopt the same SMS marketing strategy and create your own successful campaigns with the help of these WordPress SMS marketing plugins?

But first, let me tell you what these plugins actually gonna do for you?

These WordPress SMS marketing plugins let you send promotional text and voice SMS in bulk. Additionally, you can schedule campaigns and you can also send SMS via autoresponder. Sending SMS through these plugins won’t cost any extra bucks!

They also provide an approach to managing your subscribers by segmenting in groups. So, that you can send messages to the desired member.

SMS marketing is so impactful! Hence, this strategy can be beneficial for all types of business niche. Whether you own an E-Commerce store or you have a blogging website.

Notifying your subscribers and customers via WordPress SMS plugins can be fruitful for you.

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So, stop envisaging and look forward to the WordPress SMS marketing plugins to boost up your business with SMS marketing.

1. MailGet Bolt – Best In Email Marketing

Same as SMS marketing, you can also promote your business with the help of email marketing software like MailGet Bolt.

This software has everything that you need from an email marketing solution. You can design multiple professional-looking emails and send them in a flash. It provides you with more than 500 pre-design email templates to choose from, you can further customize them according to your needs and requirements.

Moreover, this emailing service offers a free trial for a month through which you can send 300 emails per day using all the essential features and facilities.


You can purchase this plan at $49/M and enjoy all the advanced features like custom tags, live chat, automatic follow-ups, list cleaner and more. Plus, there are more plans available for this service which comes with varied pricing and features.

More Features

This email marketing service supports real-time email tracking through which you can track users actions on email like open rate, clicks on links in just a couple of minutes.

With the help of list segmentation, you can create the subgroup for contacts on the basis of user likes, dislike, and similarities. This will help you to target the audience in a better and profitable way.

It has a list cleaning feature which helps you to clean out the bad and inactive email addresses from your mailing list. This helps you to get rid of bounce and spam complaints.

Further, the most important part of this service is there is no need to connect external SMTP as it comes with an inbuilt SMTP which helps in the better delivery of your emails.

2. WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

WordPress SMS Marketing plugin makes sending messages so easy and convenient to any network whether it is local or international. It enables you to send unlimited SMS without any extra charges.

This plugin is incorporated with all the rich functionalities like Bulk SMS/MMS, campaign scheduling, autoresponders and so on. With the help of this plugin, you can send automated information about your products. It also allows you to send promotional SMS, offers, and discounts in bulk.


Buy this plugin from at a cost of $20. To operate this plugin you must have an account on Twilio platform.

More Features

The two-way chat feature is also available in the plugin. Through this admin and subscribers can easily communicate with each other via chat.

It also supports up to 10 Images in MMS. Further, you can also see the images logs via this plugin.

You can also shuffle the subscriber list to send SMS to the desired contacts. It gives you an option to send a message to new subscribers or to all the subscribers.

Complete insights of your marketing campaigns are also provided. It also gives you the detailed reports about messages (sent, scheduled, queued, delivered).

3. WooCommerce SMS Customer Notifications

WooCommerce SMS Customer Notification helps you to send bulk SMS to your customers. For example, if you have an online e-commerce store and you want to send messages about products, offers and discounts etc then, this plugin is perfect for that.

It is integrated with four popular SMS gateways APIs such as ClickSend, Nexmo, Twilio, and MessageBird. Before getting started, you have to create an account on the desired SMS gateway and get your API keys and then you are ready to send SMS. SMS marketing woocommerce can bring a lot change to your business.


It is available on the at a minimal price of $5.

More Features

An automatic and Manual way of sending SMS. In automatic mode customer will get a message after placing an order. But in manual mode, manual actional of sending a message will be done by an admin or shop manager.

Flexibility to send one or bulk SMS to the WooCommerce customers.

It also offers sample messages that you can edit or use the predefined template.

The kit comes with a detailed documentation and a complete setup guide.

4. Gravity Forms SMS Pro –

Gravity Forms SMS Pro is one of the best SMS plugins for WordPress. The plugin is specifically crafted for the Gravity Forms form builder. In this tool, WordPress SMS integration enables you to add subscribers to the groups after filling the form.

This plugin supports numerous SMS gateways some of them are,,,, and the list goes on.


You can buy this plugin at $28 which includes 6 months support.

More Features

The plugin verifies the mobile number of the user before submitting the form.

Compatible with all mobile number’s input mask. (Consisting area code)

Possibility to send group messages or to a particular number.

It records all the sent SMS in a specific table.

Supports all the popular SMS gateways.

5. Joy Of Text Lite – Finest in Free WordPress SMS Marketing Plugins

With the help of this plugin, you can connect with your subscribers, customers via SMS. It allows you to send text as well as voice messages to an individual or to a group.

This plugin is totally based on Twilio platform. So, to access it you’ll need the following things-

  • A Twilio account.
  • Twilio phone number.
  • Unique “Twilio Account SID” and “Twilio Auth Token”.

You’ll have to enter these details in the plugin’s settings.


This plugin is available free of cost.

More Features

Facility to create default groups into which you can add subscriber name and phone number.

Automatically checks the phone number is valid or not.

Integration of WooCommerce, message scheduling, BuddyPress is also available.

It also provides an option to automatically send messages to new subscribers.

6. Marketing Automation by AZEXO

It is an all in one marketing plugin. The plugin has three main integrations of Form Builder, Page Builder, Popup Builder by AZEXO. Moreover, it has few add-ons through which your marketing campaign can be boosted such as WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, Facebook Live chat and so on.

It has the functionality to send SMS notification and an autoresponder to send automatic replies. Consequently, you’ll achieve successful SMS marketing strategy.


Freely available on the official WordPress website.

More Features

The plugin arranges your site visitors in segments.

Double verification via phone and email.

Compatible with many popular SMTP services.

Facility to send newsletters via email or SMS.

Functionality to set up polls and surveys.


Well, above are the top WordPress SMS marketing plugins. We’ve hand-picked freemium as well as premium plugins. So, you can pick the one which offers your required functionalities.

Hopefully, our list helps you in finding the best SMS marketing plugin for your website.


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